1917 in Argentine Football - Argentina National Team - Results


Date Venue Opponents Score Competition Argentina scorers Match Report(s)
18 July 1917 Montevideo Uruguay 0 - 2 Copa Premier Honor Uruguayo
15 August 1917 Avellaneda Uruguay 1 - 0 Copa Lipton
2 September 1917 Montevideo Uruguay 1 - 0 Copa Newton
3 October 1917 Montevideo Brazil 4 - 2 Copa América 1917 Calomino, Ohaco 2, Blanco
6 October 1917 Montevideo Chile 1 - 0 Copa América 1917 L. García og
14 October 1917 Montevideo Uruguay 1 - 0 Copa América 1917
21 October 1917 Avellaneda Chile 1 - 1 Friendly

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