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United Kingdom

  • Joseph Addison, Miscellanies, in Verse and Prose, posthumously published
  • Henry Baker, Original Poems; Serious and Humorous (see also, The Second Part of Original Poems 1726)
  • Thomas Cooke, The Battle of the Poets, published anonymously
  • George Bubb Dodington, An Epistle to Sir Robert Walpole, published anonymously this year, although the book states "1726"
  • John Dyer and others, A New Miscellany, including the first version of Dyer's Grongar Hill, which appears in a second version in Richard Savage's Miscellaneous Poems and Translations 1726, and in a final version that year in Miscellaneous Poems by Several Hands)
  • Peter Folger (also spelled "Foulger"), "A Looking-Glass for the Times", a plea for religious freedom written in 1676 in rough ballad stanzas, English Colonial America
  • John Glanvill, Poems
  • Christopher Pitt, translator, Vida's Art of Poetry, translated from Marco Girolamo Vida
  • Alexander Pope's translation of Homer's Odyssey, Volumes I-III (with William Broome and Elijah Fenton), Volumess IV-V to follow in 1726
  • James Thompson, The Seasons, poem in blank verse
  • Allan Ramsay, The Gentle Shepherd: A Scots pastoral comedy
  • Richard Savage, The Authors of the Town, published anonymously
  • William Thomson, compiler, Orpheus Caledonius: or a Collection of the Best Scotch Songs
  • Roger Wolcott, Poetical Meditations, including "A Brief Account of the Agency of the Honorable John Winthrop", about the efforts of John Winthrop the Younger to get the Connecticut Charter, English Colonial America
  • Edward Young, The Universal Passion: Satire, published anonymously, Parts 1, 2 (April), 3 (To Mr. Dodington, April), 4 (To Sir Spencer Compton, June) each published this year (Part 5, On Women, February 1727; Part 6, On Women, February 1728; Satire the Last. To Sir Robert Walpole, 1726; published together as Love of Fame: The Universal Passion, in Seven Characteristical Satires. The second edition 1728)

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