1673 in England - Events


  • 8 March - Under pressure from Parliament, King Charles II withdraws the Royal Declaration of Indulgence.
  • 29 March - The Test Act is passed, preventing Roman Catholics from holding public office.
  • 7 June - Third Anglo-Dutch War: First Battle of Schooneveld: The Dutch Republic fleet commanded by Michiel de Ruyter defeats the allied Anglo-French fleet commanded by Prince Rupert of the Rhine.
  • 14 June - Second Battle of Schooneveld: The Dutch fleet again defeats the Anglo-French.
  • 12 June - James, Duke of York, is forced to resign the office of Lord High Admiral because of the Test Act.
  • 19 June - Thomas Osborne becomes Lord High Treasurer.
  • 3 July - Elkanah Settle's play The Empress of Morocco first publicly performed at the Dorset Garden Theatre in London and published with illustrations.
  • 9 August - Third Anglo-Dutch War: A Dutch fleet retakes New York, renaming it New Orange.
  • 21 August - Battle of Kijkduin: The Dutch fleet again defeats the Anglo-French.
  • 9 November - The King removes Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury, from his position as Lord Chancellor.
  • 14 November - Architect Christopher Wren is knighted.
  • 23 November - James, Duke of York, marries Mary of Modena; they meet for the first time at the ceremony.

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