13th Computer Olympiad

13th Computer Olympiad

The 13th International Computer Games Championship, 16th World Computer Chess Championship and a scientific conference on computer games was held in Beijing, China from 28 September–5 October 2008. The location was Beijing Golden Century Golf Club, Qinglonghu Township, Fangshan District, Beijing.

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13th Computer Olympiad - Results
... Speed Chess (10 participants) Sjeng (Gian-Carlo Pascutto) (BEL) Rybka (Vasik Rajlich, Jeroen Nooman) (USA) HIARCS (Mark Uniacke, Eric Hallsworth) (GBR) Shredder (Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, Sandro Necchi) (DE) Rybka was retroactively disqualified from all WCCC events in 2011 due to findings of plagiarism ... Chinese Chess (18 participants) Intella (Chaoying Chen, Yutao Wei) (CHN) Cyclone (Min Zhang) (CHN) EThinker (Zheng Xu) (CHN) Connect6 (10 participants) NCTU6-Lite (Ping-Hung Lin, Hong-Xuan Lin, Yi-Chih Chan, Ching-Ping Chen, I-Chen Wu) (TWN) Bitstronger (Li Liang, Cui Hao, Wang Ruijian, Lin Siran) (CHN) NEUConn6 (Chang-Ming Xu) (CHN) Dots and Boxes (3 participants) The Shark (William Fraser) (USA) Qiyi (Lian Lian) (CHN) Matadots (Phillip Rogers, Richard Lorentz) (USA) International draughts (2 participants) TDKing (Ton Tillemans) (CHE) Rocky (Mark Winands) (NLD) Go (13 participants) The Many Faces of Go (David Fotland) (USA) MoGo (Sylvain Gelly, Yizao Wang) (FRA) Leela (Gian-Carlo Pascutto) (BEL) Go (9x9) (18 participants) The Many Faces of Go (David Fotland) (USA) Leela (Gian-Carlo Pascutto) (BEL) MoGo (Oliver Teytaud, Sylvain Gelly, Yizao Wang) (FRA) Hex (4 participants) Wolve (Broderick Arneson) (CAN) MoHex (Philip Henderson) (CAN) Six (Gábor Melis) (HUN) Computational Pool (4 participants) CueCard (David Cohen, Chris Archibald, Alon Altman) (USA) PickPocket (Mike Smith) (CAN) Elix (Marc Godard) (CAN) Shogi (3 participants) Tacos (Hashimoto Tsuyoshi, Masafumi Taketoshi, Jun Nagashima, Junichi Hashimoto, Tokishi Matsui, Hiroyuki Iida) (JPN) BitStronger (Li Xiao, Ma Junlong, Xu Changda, Tong Songling) (CHN) HIT+SS (Shohei Seike, Takeshi Ito, Ryosuke Ohguchi) (JPN) Phantom Go (3 participants) GoLois (Tristan Cazenave, Nicolas Jouandeau) (FRA) Chinese Deep (Cui Hao) (CHN) BitStronger (Li Liang, Cui Hao, Wang Ruijian, Lin Siran) (CHN) Surakarta (2 participants) SIA (Mark Winands) (NLD) BitStronger (Qiao Zhi, Sun Zhen, Tao Hongru) (CHN) ...

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