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Wonder Boy In Monster Land - Reception
... Reception Publication Score Amiga C64 Atari ST ZX Spectrum Master System Amiga Joker 73% Amiga User International 65% Amiga Action 52% Amiga Format 51% CU Amiga 41% Zzap!64 36% 68 ... The ZX Spectrum version of Wonder Boy in Monster Land received preview coverage in Your Sinclair magazine ... for its long multi-load times on the ZX Spectrum, its jumping mechanics in which the character "floats around", and the graphics which was not as good as its predecessor ...
Dalek Attack
... In most versions of the game, the player can choose between playing as the Fourth, Fifth or Seventh Doctor in the MS-DOS and Amiga versions, the player can ... may play as the Doctor's companion (Ace or a UNIT soldier (only Ace in the Spectrum version) ... On the PC and Amiga versions, there was a secret room behind some blocks ...
Wonder Boy (video game) - Critical Reaction - ZX Spectrum Version
... Sinclair User was the most enthusiastic about the game, offering it 8 out of 10 on its original release, and 72% on its re-release ... Your Sinclair offered 7 out of 10 on its original release and 67% on its re-release ...

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