Zurek may refer to:

  • Żurek, a kind of soup
  • Libor Žůrek, footballer
  • Teresita Román de Zurek, writer and chef
  • Wojciech H. Zurek, physicist

Other articles related to "zurek":

Frank Pavone - Priesthood - Amarillo Situation
... was ordered back to his diocese by his bishop, Patrick Zurek of the Diocese of Amarillo, Texas ... Fourth, while Bishop Zurek wants to clear up any misunderstandings, he made it clear that he does not want the work of Priests for Life to be harmed ... my ministry is restricted to the Diocese of Amarillo and it will remain restricted until Bishop Zurek and I can sit down and reach a mutual understanding on my dual role as both a ...
Quantum Darwinism - Implications
... Along with Zurek’s related theory of envariance, quantum Darwinism explains how the classical world emerges from the quantum world and proposes to answer the quantum ... In the case of interactions with its environment Zurek and his collaborators have shown that a preferred basis into which a quantum system will decohere is the pointer basis ... This aspect of einselection, called by Zurek ‘Environment as a Witness’, results in the potential for objective knowledge ...
Wojciech H. Zurek
... Wojciech Hubert Zurek (born 1951) is a theoretical physicist and a leading authority on quantum theory, especially decoherence and non-equilibrium dynamics of symmetry breaking ... Zurek was awarded the Albert Einstein Professorship Prize by the Foundation of the University of Ulm in Germany in 2010 ... Zurek pioneered (with Tom W ...
Patrick Zurek
... Patrick James Zurek (born 17 August 1948) is the current Bishop of Amarillo since his installation on 22 February 2008 ... Zurek trained in Rome as a moral theologian who was a chaplain at the Bambino Gesu Children's Hospital during his seminary days ... Zurek was ordained a priest in Rome on 29 June 1975 by Pope Paul VI along with 359 others for the Holy Year of 1975 ...