Ziv (Hebrew: זיו‎) is a Hebrew language name. The meaning of the name is light or glow. It is the second month of the Hebrew calendar.

The name Ziv can refer to:

  • Ziv Music - An American alternative rock artist ( ZivMusic.com )
  • Frederick Ziv - An American broadcasting producer founder of Ziv Television Programs
  • Jacob Ziv - An Israeli computer scientist
  • Simcha Zissel Ziv - Rabbi, one of the primary leaders of the Musar movement
  • Yoav Ziv - an Israeli football player
  • Iyar - a Hebrew month, which was called Ziv in the Bible

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Lempel - Works
... The LZ77 and LZ78 algorithms authored by Lempel and Jacob Ziv have led to a number of derivative works, including the Lempel–Ziv–Welch algorithm, used in the GIF image format, and the ...
Neve Ziv
... Neve Ziv (Hebrew נְוֵה זִיו, lit ... Brightness Home), also known as Ziv HaGalil (Hebrew זִיו הַגָּלִיל, lit ... Zar'it Communal settlements Abirim Gita Gornot HaGalil Mattat Mitzpe Hila Neve Ziv ...
Simcha Zissel Ziv - Musar Approach
... Rabbi Ziv taught that the whole world is a classroom where one can learn to improve one’s character and increase one’s belief in God ... Rabbi Ziv would frequently quote Socrates, who said that "true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." Rabbi Ziv offered his students the following advice "Take time ... Rabbi Ziv once came into the school and saw that in the row of galoshes that had been lined up outside the study hall, one of the pair of galoshes was not in line with the others ...
Simcha Zissel Ziv - Students
... Dessler authored the classic Michtav M'Eliyahu), Rabbi Nachum Ze'ev Ziv, and Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Braude ... yet were greatly influenced by Rabbi Ziv ... Other students of Rabbi Ziv entered professions including medicine, law, and engineering ...