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Adnan Pachachi - Diplomatic and Political Career - Events of 2003–2004
... foreign policy hawks as a "Zionist lobby" ... "These statements come from the Zionist lobby in the United States which thinks that overthrowing Saddam Hussein will bring Arab reconciliation with Israel ... This lobby is opposed to me playing any role in Iraq, through the instigation of Ahmad Chalabi” Pachachi said ...
Israel Lobby In The United Kingdom - Debate On The Nature and Influence of Israel Lobbying - New Statesman Article in 2002
... called "A Kosher Conspiracy?" in the New Statesman magazine about the "Zionist lobby" in the United Kingdom, detailing lobbying in the United Kingdom by pro-Israel organizations ... It also described Black's wife Barbara Amiel as an "enthusiastic Zionist columnist" ... According to Sewell "That there is a Zionist lobby and that it is rich, potent, and effective goes largely unquestioned on the left." However, he concluded "The truth is that the 'Zionist lobby' does exist ...
Israel Lobby In The United Kingdom - Debate On The Nature and Influence of Israel Lobbying - Opinions of Critics
... UK (MPACUK), insists there is a "British Israel Lobby", stating that "there are over 100 members of the Friends of Israel lobby in the Labour party alone ... to all the Warmongers, Anti-Ceasefire camp, pro-war camp, anti-Islam camp, anti-Muslim camp, Zionists, Israel Supporters, terrorists, extremists, fascists, right-wingers ... Even A Blind Person Knows The Existence of The Israel Lobby, but what is stopping you in seeing the existence of the Israel Lobby? Fear of being called An Anti-Semitic? If you think now is ...

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