Zhu Tong - Becoming An Outlaw

Becoming An Outlaw

In another incident, Lei Heng kills a singer called Bai Xiuying in anger after Bai behaved rudely towards his mother. Lei Heng is arrested and sentenced to exile in Jizhou. Zhu Tong is tasked with escorting Lei Heng there but along the way, he releases Lei and helps him escape on account of their friendship. Zhu Tong returns to the county office and sentenced to exile in Cangzhou for negligence of his duty. In Cangzhou, the prefect treats Zhu Tong well and entrusts his young son to Zhu's care. The outlaws come to Zhu Tong and persuade him to join the Liangshan cause. However, Zhu Tong firmly rejects the offer. Li Kui kills the prefect's son and forces Zhu Tong to join Liangshan, in accordance to a plan devised by Liangshan's strategists to make Zhu become part of Liangshan. Zhu Tong has no choice but to join Liangshan since he will be killed by the prefect if he returns to Cangzhou.

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