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Government, Politics and Military

  • Zhu Jun (Han Dynasty), politician during the late Han Dynasty; also a character in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
  • Zhu Maichen, an impoverished student working as woodcutter; his wife divorced him to remarry a richer man; subsequently he became a provincial governor under Emperor Wu of Han; he rejected his ex-wife's subsequent attempts at reconciliation and is credited with the Chinese proverb: "Poured water cannot be retrieved". His biography is recorded in Volume 64 of the Book of Han.
  • Hua Mulan, allegedly disguised herself as a man to take her elderly father's place in the army; asserted by Ming historians as of the Zhu clan though this assertion may have been politically motivated; later Qing historians, however, claim she was of the Wei clan but again this could have been politically motivated
  • Zhu Ling, ardent vassal of the Wei Kingdom during the Three Kingdoms period in China; created the Marquess of Gaotang by Cao Pi
  • Zhu Zhi, military general for the Kingdom of Wu during the Three Kingdoms era of China
  • Zhu Ran, military general for the Eastern Wu during the Three Kingdoms era of China
  • Zhu Can, an agrarian rebel leader during the disintegration of the Sui Dynasty
  • Zhu Jingze, a prominent official during the Tang Dynasty and Wu Zetian's Zhou Dynasty
  • Zhu Mei, a prominent general during the Tang Dynasty
  • Zhu Pu, an official of the Tang Dynasty, serving briefly as a chancellor during the reign of Emperor Zhaozong
  • Zhu Hongzhang, a loyalist general during the Qing Dynasty; he helped put down the Taiping Rebellion
  • Zhu Zhixin, Revolutionary and comrade of Sun Yat-sen who named Zhixin High School after his dead comrade
  • Zhu Shaoliang, general in the National Revolutionary Army of the Republic of China
  • Sir Moilin Jean Ah-Chuen (Chu Moi-Lin 朱梅麟), Hakka Chinese Mauritian politician; First Chinese member, Legislative Council, 1949; Minister of Local Government, 1967–1976; Second Hakka after Sun Yatsen to have his portrait printed on the bills of a country's currency
  • Marie Madeleine Ah-Chuen (朱志筠), Hakka Chinese Mauritian diplomat; Mauritius' first ambassador to China, 1999–2000
  • Zhu Lühe, a politician and judicial officer in the Republic of China; he became an important politician during the Reformed Government of the Republic of China and the Wang Jingwei regime
  • Zhu Shen, a politician and public prosecutor in the Republic of China; he became an important politician during the Provisional Government of the Republic of China and the Wang Jingwei regime
  • Zhu De, co-founder of the Chinese Red Army, forerunner of the People's Liberation Army
  • Zhu Qi, general of the People's Liberation Army; currently commander of the Beijing Military Region
  • Zhu Jiahua, famous politician of the Republic of China
  • Zhu Rongji, former PRC Premier; he is a direct descendant of the Hongwu Emperor of the Ming Dynasty
  • David S.C. Chu, United States Under Secretary of Defense appointed by George W. Bush
  • Jim Chu, Chief Constable of the Vancouver Police Department
  • Zhu Qichen, formerly Vice Foreign Minister then Ambassador to the United States, Peoples Republic of China, later Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Peoples Congress.
  • Steven Chu, the 12th United States Secretary of Energy.
  • Eric Chu, a former Vice Premier of the Republic of China; subsequently the first Mayor of New Taipei.
  • Choo Leong Huat, Singapore Crown Service government official, descendant of the Straits-Chinese.
  • Choo Han Teck, a Judge of the Supreme Court of Singapore.

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