Zhou Xinfang

Zhou Xinfang, (Chinese: 周信芳; January 28, 1895 – March 5, 1975), was a famous Beijing Opera actor who died in the Cultural Revolution. He is regarded as one of the greatest masters of Beijing Opera. He is the most famous and important member of the Shanghai School of Beijing Opera. He is also the father of Michael Chow and Tsai Chin.

Zhou, a native of Cixi, Ningbo, Zhejiang, was born in Qingjiangpu, north Jiangsu in 1895, in a family with a tradition of opera performance. He started to learn Beijing opera at 6, and made his debut as child role in Hangzhou at age of 7, thus acquiring a stage name "Qi Ling Tong" or "seven-year-old child", because of which later, he is known as the founder of the "Qi style". Recent research by the official "Zhou Xinfang Art Research Centre" (周信芳艺术研究中心)in Shanghai, credits him having performed over 650 titles of Beijing Opera in his career.