You Damn Kid!

You Damn Kid! (or YDK) is a comic strip by cartoonist Owen Dunne. While originally appearing in non-mainstream newspapers, it has run as a webcomic since 1997. The strip is a fictionalized version of Dunne's life as a child in the late 1960s. Much of the humor in the strip comes from the juxtaposition of childlike innocence and nostalgia with the darker or more disturbing realities of life; it explores themes such as death, mental retardation, and sexual abuse by priests. The strip is very critical of the Catholic Church and the hypocrisy of the middle class.

You Damn Kid! is part of the Keenspot webcomics group.

Neither You Damn Kid nor its affiliated strip, The Beevnicks, has been updated since October 2007. An October 4 message on the Beevnicks website announced that Dunne was leaving the webcomics world. His statement also said that he would complete the current storyline and post details on the You Damn Kid website; however, neither of these have been done.

In 2009 Dunne announced a project known as "The Barnyard Pete Show":

"The Barnyard Pete Show" is a weekly, live action show inspired by the locally produced children's shows of the 60's and 70's. Essentially, this is what happens when you realize your comic will not get made into a series, so you take some of your option money, build your own studio and say "screw it, I'll make my own show." Starring cartoonist Owen Dunne as Pete, and Jonathan Dunne as the voice of Ken the Horse. Each week, we'll have a 2 - 5 minute episode, with ten episodes planned for series one. Well see how it goes from there. All the old comics will be archived and available shortly.

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