Yin Yang Style (Tian Style)

Yin Yang Style (Tian Style)

The Tian family's Yin Yang Bagua Zhang originated in the area around the Ermei and Qingzhen Mountains of Sichuan Province. It was transmitted from the Daoists Bi Yun and Jing Yun during late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty. Tian Hui (田廻) was the ninth-generation-continuator and had made outstanding contributions on revealing, organizing and practicing Bagua Zhang. He spread, promoted, and wrote books of YinYang Bagua Zhang to the public. The works "Python form palms"(《蟒形掌》) and "Lion form palms"(《狮形掌》) in Tian family's YinYang Bagua Zhang are part of the "Chinese Wushu Literati Archive" series, and included in the "China's Wushu Complete Encyclopedia". Mr. Tian Keyan (田克延) who is the Tenth-generation-continuator did indepth and meticulous research and exploration on the theories and combat techniques and formed a complete theoretical system of teaching.

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