Yellow Starthistle

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Centaurea - Description and Ecology
... are diverse in colour, ranging from intense blues, reds and yellows to any mixture of these and lighter shades towards white ... maculosa) and Yellow Starthistle (C ... Yellow Starthistle, meanwhile, is inedible to most livestock due to its spines and apparently outright poisonous to horses and other equines ...
List Of Plants By Common Name (Sonoran Desert) - Y
... Yellow Mentzelia - Desert Blazing Star Yellow Star thistle - Yellow starthistle/#1 (- 1 -) LCRV-Yellow starthistle/#1 - Centaurea solstitialis Yellow starthistle ...
Larinus Curtus
... Larinus curtus is a species of true weevil known as the yellow starthistle flower weevil ... It is used as an agent of biological pest control against the noxious weed yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis) in the United States ... The female lays glossy, milky white, oval-shaped eggs at the bases of open yellow starthistle flowers ...

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