XMU may refer to:

  • libxmu, a library for programming on the X Window System
  • Moulins - Montbeugny Airport, an airport in France with IATA code XMU.
  • Sirius XMU, a radio channel on Sirius XM Radio which plays unsigned artists.
  • Xiamen University in China
  • Xinjiang Medical University in China

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Xinjiang Medical University
... Xinjiang Medical University (XMU) (Chinese 新疆医科大学 pinyin Xīnjiāng Yīkē Dàxué Uyghur شىنجاڭ تىببىي ئۇنىۋېرسىتېت‎, ULY Shinjang Tibbiy ... Over 50,000 students have been educated at XMU and in 2010, 13,100 students were enrolled at the university, with 5,405 people employed in teaching positions ... XMU is situated at the base of Carp Hill in Northeast Ürümqi and consists of a campus size that is over 3 million square feet ...
Hospitals In China - Xinjiang
... First Affiliated Hospital of XMU Second Affiliated Hospital of XMU Third Affiliated Hospital of XMU Fourth Affiliated Hospital of XMU Fifth Affiliated Hospital of XMU Sixth Affiliated Hospital of XMU People's ...
Sirius XMU
... Sirius XMU (formerly XMU, and known as Sirius U on Sirius Canada, although Sirius receivers list it as Sirius XM U) is an indie pop, indie rock, unsigned ... The Wall Street Journal has described XMU as "XM's alternative-music channel." ...