X-COM - Games


Title Release Platforms Developer Publisher
UFO: Enemy Unknown 1994 DOS, Amiga, CD32, PlayStation, Windows Mythos Games
X-COM: Terror from the Deep 1995 DOS, Windows, 3DO, PlayStation MicroProse MicroProse
X-COM: Apocalypse 1997 DOS, Windows Mythos Games
X-COM: Interceptor 1998 Windows MicroProse MicroProse
X-COM: First Alien Invasion 1999 Windows Hasbro Interactive Hasbro
X-COM: Enforcer 2001 Windows Hasbro Interactive Infogrames
X-COM: Genesis Canceled Windows MicroProse
Hasbro Interactive
X-COM: Alliance Canceled Windows MicroProse
Hasbro Interactive
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 2012 Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Firaxis Games 2K Games
XCOM TBA Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Irrational Games
2K Australia
2K Marin
2K Games

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