Wyatt is a popular patronymic surname and given name derived from a Middle English diminutive of an Old English personal name wīg "war" + heard "hard, brave", and of the names Guy and William.

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List Of Charmed Characters - Alphabetical Character Biographical Listings - Wyatt, Leo
... Brian Krause as Leo Wyatt (1924–...) Leo is the sisters' handyman in the beginning, and soon becomes romantically involved with Piper ...
Safe & Sound (Prison Break) - Plot
... She makes a run for it and manages to elude Wyatt, the Company's assassin ... After losing Sara, Wyatt visits the imprisoned Gretchen Morgan, whom despite repeated torture and a starvation diet has managed to resist ... Wyatt proceeds to slowly suffocate and nauseate Gretchen by putting a tape over her mouth and leaving a bucket of urine and body parts in the room ...
Steve Wyatt
... Steve Wyatt (born 10 March 1971) was an English cricketer ... Wyatt made his debut in the Minor Counties Championship in 2001 ... From the upper-middle order, Wyatt scored 8 runs ...
List Of Charmed Characters - Alphabetical Character Biographical Listings - Halliwell, Wyatt
... Main article Wyatt Halliwell also Wyatt Matthew Halliwell Wes Ramsey (older man), Jason Kristopher Simmons (as children and toddlers) Wyatt, the first child of Piper and ... Leo Wyatt, his whitelighter-made-elder-father, eventually killed Gideon, an elder gone bad who was secretly and secretively trying to kill Wyatt over ... Chris, but only temporarily instead became the agency turning Wyatt evil which Chris Halliwell came back in time to combat ...

Famous quotes containing the word wyatt:

    since I see
    Your double heart,
    Farewell my part!
    —Sir Thomas Wyatt (1503?–1542)

    Aunswer him faire with yea or nay.
    —Sir Thomas Wyatt (1503?–1542)

    Patience, do what they will
    To work me woe or spite,
    —Sir Thomas Wyatt (1503?–1542)