Wrinkle Ridges

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Lunar Surface - Lunar Landscape - The Maria - Wrinkle Ridges
... Wrinkle ridges are features created by compressive tectonic forces within the maria ... These features represent buckling of the surface and form long ridges across parts of the maria ... Some of these ridges may outline buried craters or other features beneath the maria ...
ALSE - Mission and Science
... These long, low ridges are found in many of the lunar maria ... Most lunar geologists believe that these ridges formed when the Moon's surface was deformed by motion along faults ("moonquakes") in the Moon's crust ... caused the surface to buckle in some places, forming the wrinkle ridges ...
Oxia Palus Quadrangle - Wrinkle Ridges
... Many areas of Mars show wrinkles on the surface, called wrinkle ridges ... A wrinkle ridge is visible in the image to the right of Ares Vallis ...

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