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Mercy Me - History - The Generous Mr. Lovewell and The Worship Sessions (2010-2011)
... MercyMe released a new album, The Worship Sessions, in 2011 ... The Worship Sessions is a worship album that was released exclusively at Family Christian Book Stores ...

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    Escalus. What do you think of the trade, Pompey? Is it a lawful trade?
    Pompey. If the law would allow it, sir.
    Escalus. But the law will not allow it, Pompey; nor it shall not be allowed in Vienna.
    Pompey. Does your worship mean to geld and spay all the youth of the city?
    Escalus. No, Pompey.
    Pompey. Truly, sir, in my poor opinion they will to’t then. If your worship will take order for the drabs and the knaves, you need not to fear the bawds.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)