• (noun): Changing something with the result that it becomes worse.
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Dopamine-responsive Dystonia - Additional Notes
... at selected daytime intervals to observe worsening walking pattern coincident with increased muscle tension in limbs ... morning(fresh/energetic), lunch(stiff limbs), afternoon(very stiff limbs), evening(limbs worsening), bedtime(limbs near frozen) ... bad handwriting (worsening) during post-teens (qv university exams) years ...
Concussion - Treatment
... room is warranted for any of the following repeated vomiting, worsening headache, dizziness, seizure activity, excessive drowiness, double vision ... Observation to monitor for worsening condition is an important part of treatment ... care of a trusted person with orders to return if they display worsening symptoms or those that might indicate an emergent condition, like unconsciousness or altered mental status convulsions severe ...
Adiposopathy - Diagnosis
... criteria Elevated waist circumference or BMI Onset or worsening of high blood sugar with weight gain Onset or worsening of high blood pressure with weight gain ...
Placebo - Effects On Research - Nocebo
... In the opposite effect, a patient who disbelieves in a treatment may experience a worsening of symptoms ... when members of a control group receiving an inert substance report a worsening of symptoms ... patient's mentality towards his or her ability to get well, or even purely coincidental worsening of symptoms ...

More definitions of "worsening":

  • (adj): Changing for the worse.
    Example: "Worried by the worsening storm"