World Map - Thematic


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  • Clickable world map (with climate classification)

  • Elevation map

  • A simple political map of the World as of 2011

  • Pacific-centric map (more commonly used in East Asian countries and Australia)

  • Present day Earth altimetry and bathymetry (Mollweide projection)

  • Topographical map of the world

  • map of anthropogenic CO2 emission by country

  • UN Human Development Index by country as of 2008

  • Volcano Map

  • world map showing the continents as of 200 million years ago (Triassic period)

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... Thematic transformation (also known as Thematic metamorphosis and Thematic development) is a technique of where a leitmotif, or theme, is developed by changing the theme by using ... The difference here is that thematic transformation can accommodate the dramatically charged phrases, highly colored melodies and atmospheric harmonies ... Also, while thematic transformation is similar to variation, the effect is usually different since the transformed theme has a life of its own and is no longer a sibling to the original theme ...
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... A thematic listicle imparts no such values, instead presenting the topics in whatever order the writer and/or editor deems appropriate ...
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... of verbs divided into in two broad groups athematic and thematic ... The thematic verbs are so called because an a, called the theme vowel, is inserted between the stem and the ending ... This serves to make the thematic verbs generally more regular ...