World Choir Games - World Choir Games Competitions

World Choir Games Competitions

World Choir Games Host Cities
Year Competition Host city Dates
2000 1st Choir Olympics Linz, Austria 7 – 16 July
2002 2nd Choir Olympics Busan, South Korea 19 – 27 October
2004 3rd Choir Olympics Bremen, Germany 8 – 18 July
2006 4th World Choir Games Xiamen, China 15 – 26 July
2008 5th World Choir Games Graz, Austria 9 – 19 July
2010 6th World Choir Games Shaoxing, China 15 – 26 July
2012 7th World Choir Games Cincinnati, United States 4 – 14 July
2014 8th World Choir Games Riga, Latvia 9 – 19 July

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