Women of Wrestling - Original WOW SuperHeros

Original WOW SuperHeros

  • Beckie the Farmer's Daughter (Renee Madison Cole): Farm girl from the fictitious Hog Hollow, Nebraska. Tag team partner of Bronco Billie. Feuded with Jungle Grrrl over the Splash move.
  • Bronco Billie (Lisa Danielle): Cowgirl who owned a ranch in Texas. Tag team partner of Beckie the Farmer's Daughter. Finished off her opponents with the Bulldog. Had a feud with the Disciplinarian over her ranch.
  • Charlie Davidson: Biker, with a bad attitude. One half of Harley's Angels. Lost to their sworn enemies, Caged Heat for the Tag Team titles.
  • Christy Order: One half of Law and Order; her partner is Nicki Law. A rogue police officer. Christy didn't wrestle before WOW went dormant.
  • Danger (Elle Alexander): Billed as the Weaponsmaster. Had a tendency to use her finishing move, the Danger Drop, on referees and was constantly suspended. Defeated Terri Gold for the title, and lost it soon after at the Pay-Per-View event. Known for her feud with Riot, her erstwhile tag team partner.
  • Delta Lotta Pain (Jwaundace Candece): Prisoner from the Nevada State Penitentiary, billed with Loca and Vendetta as Caged Heat. She, along with Loca, returned to the promotion in 2013. Former Tag Team Champions.
  • The Disciplinarian (Kristen Davidson): Heel School Administrator, billed as being from the Board of Education. Had a large fan base, in spite of her being a heel. Called Ms. D. by her fans. Known for her finishing move, the "Final Exam". Feuded with Bronco Billie, when the cowgirl discovered that her ranch was purchased by the Disciplinarian.
  • EZ Rider (Eleanor Kerrigan): Biker girl also with a bad attitude, one half of Harley's Angels. Lost the Tag Team title match to their sworn enemies, Caged Heat.
  • Ice Cold (Inga Waggoner): Arctic themed loner. Didn't really trust anyone. Erstwhile tag team partner of Poison. Known for her feud with Lana Star, who shaved her hair.
  • Jane Blond (Ella Carter): UK wrestler based on the James Bond secret agent theme. Known for the "Kick of Death", her Missile Dropkick finishing move.
  • Jungle Grrrl (Erica Porter): Tarzan based wrestler, billed as from being from the Amazon Rainforest. One of the few near undefeated wrestlers in WOW (the other one being Slam Dunk). Known for her feud with Beckie the Farmer's Daughter over who had the best splash. She returned to the promotion in 2013. Currently WOW champion, after defeating Lana Star.
  • Lana Star (Lana Kinnear): One of WOW's marquee performers. Often called the Fabulous Lana Star. A movie star wannabe who often used dirty tricks and cheating such as smashing hand mirrors and spraying hair spray in her opponent's eyes to win her matches. Arrogantly called Women of Wrestling, "the Lana Star Show". Had Patti Pizzazz as her personal assistant until she fired her. Known primarily for her feuds with Poison, Ice Cold and Randi Rah Rah. Currently has a personal assistant called Kitty. In a non-televised match, Lana finally achieved championship gold by defeating Terri Gold for the WOW championship. She returned to the promotion, as the champion in 2013, until she was defeated by fellow original WOW girl, Jungle Grrrl.
  • Loca (Cher Ferreyra): Prisoner from Nevada State Penitentiary. One third of Caged Heat, along with Delta Lotta Pain and Vendetta. She and Delta, (sans Vendetta) returned to the promotion in 2013. Former Tag Team Champions.
  • Nicki Law: Rogue police officer. One half of Law and Order along with Christy Order. She wrestled at the Pay-Per-View event before WOW went dormant.
  • Poison (Kina Van Vleet): One of the best performers on the show with large fan base. A lab worker who was a crack chemist. She ingested poison and changed her personality. Tag Team partner with Ice Cold. Known for her vicious attacks, the camel clutch which she used to soften her opponents up for her inverted DDT (called the Poison Paralyzer) and feud with Lana Star, whose hair she turned green.
  • Riot (April Katherine Littlejohn): Another of the marquee performers of WOW. Billed as being from the mean streets of Chicago. Master of the Powerbomb. A loner with a rebellious nature. Despite being a heel (later becoming a 'tweener'), she had one of the larger fan bases in WOW. Known for her feud with Danger, her former tag team partner.
  • Selina Majors: "The Real Deal" Known for her battles with Thug. Used the Stunner to defeat her opponents. Was rescued by Caged Heat after another brutalization by Harley's Angels. She returned to Women of Wrestling as the current roster's official trainer.
  • Slam Dunk: Female basketball player, supposedly banned from the WNBA due to her overly aggressive nature. She, along with Jungle Grrrl, were two of the near undefeated wrestlers in Women of Wrestling. Known for her arrogance and bad attitude. Best known for her feud with Roxy Powers later in the show's run. Despite her heel status, she had a very large fan base.
  • Terri Gold (Heather Lee-Millard): The first WOW World Champion. Gymnast, known for her moonsault, The Perfect 10. Lost her title belt to Danger; but gained it back not long after at the Pay-Per-View, thanks to some unintentional help from Riot. In 2002, she was defeated in a WOW-sanctioned match, losing the title to the Fabulous Lana Star.
  • Thug (Peggy Lee Leather): Bad tempered biker, leader of Harley's Angels. Known for her long running feud with Selina Majors (from their days in POWW) and for her continual interference in Harley's Angels' matches. Her "niece" Spike, is a current WOW girl.
  • Vendetta (Nicole Ochoa): Prisoner from the Nevada State Penitentiary, known for being one third of Caged Heat, helped her cell mates even the odds at the Pay-Per-View by slamming Thug in the center of the ring, after her interfering in their title match. She did not return to the promotion, when Caged Heat returned.
  • Wendi Wheels: Female Mechanic, can fix up cars and can tear down opponents with the Blowout. Originally known as Sunny of the Beach Patrol in the first episode, she became Wendi Wheels and stayed with that role to the series end.
  • Boom Boom: Island girl from Hawaii. Tag team partner of Caliente. Known for the Boom Boom Squash.
  • Caliente (Rachel Iverson): Fiery Latina wrestler, known for her submission move, the Mexican Surfboard. Tag team partner of Boom Boom.
  • Farah "The Persian Princess" (Telma Roshanravan): Iranian wrestler, known for her exotic dancing. Tag team partner of Paradise.
  • "Hammerin'" Heather Steele (Christina Tomaziesski Colby): Billed as Everyone's favorite Tool Time Girl, known for her ability to build and maintain houses, and her ability to fix anything. Had a loyal fan base, despite having only one win.
  • Jacklyn Hyde (Vasilika Vanya Marinkovic): Split personality wrestler who escaped her mental health unit, can be nice one minute, manic the next. Usually carries her favorite dolly to the ring and is often escorted by either her psychiatrist, Dr. Sarah Bellum, or her unit nurse, Nurse Mercy.
  • Jade (Jennifer Lee Chan): Chinese wrestler known for her "Samurai Scissors" move. Has a fan in her beloved grandmother. One half of the Asian Invasion. Jade returned to the promotion (sans Lotus) in 2013 and celebrated her first victory in WOW.
  • Lotus (Jeannie Kim): Korean wrestler who is one half of the Asian Invasion. When WOW returned as a promotion, Lotus did not return, but her tag partner, Jade did.
  • Misery (Kirsten Davidson): Hooded wrestler. One half of the Daughters of Darkness, managed by the mysterious Goon.
  • Mystery (Nicole Ochoa): Hooded wrestler. One half of Daughters of Darkness, also managed by the mysterious Goon. Tried to mug Terri Gold and steal her title belt, but was defeated by her in the ring.
  • Paradise: Island Girl wrestler from Tonga. Tag team partner of Farah the Persian Princess. She returned to the promotion in 2013.
  • Patti Pizzazz (Formerly "Patti Pep"): Cheerleader corrupted by Lana Star into becoming her Personal Assistant. She was eventually fired by Lana due to her residual friendship with Randi Rah Rah, whom she remained friends with, despite her heel turn.
  • Phantom (Lynnette Thredgold): Wrestler who was torn between being a bodybuilder/wrestler and a concert violinist.
  • Randi Rah Rah: Cheerleader, friend of Patti Pep (and later Patti Pizzazz). Despite Patti's heel turn, Randi was still friends with her. Taken out of wrestling after Lana Star smashed a mirror over her head, only to come back later in the series run to decisively defeat her (and to reestablish her friendship with Patti Pizzazz).
  • Roxy Powers (Natalie T. Yeo): Billed as the Total Athlete. Known for her feud with Slam Dunk later in the series run. Tag team partner of Tanja the Warrior Woman.
  • Sandy (Tamie Sheffield): Lifeguard, One half of the Beach Patrol.
  • Summer (Bobbi Billard): Lifeguard, like Sandy. One half of the Beach Patrol. Summer replaced Sunny in the Beach Patrol, when the latter became Wendi Wheels.
  • Tanja "The Warrior Woman" (Tanja Richter): Warrior wrestler in the vein of Xena: Warrior Princess. Known for her spinning wheel kick finisher. Tag team partner of Roxy Powers.

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