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Education In Africa - Women's Education
... In 2000, 93.4 million women in Sub-Saharan Africa were illiterate ... Many reasons exist for why formal education for females is unavailable to so many, including cultural reasons ... For example, some believe that a women's education will get in the way of her duties as a wife and a mother ...

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    A woman might claim to retain some of the child’s faculties, although very limited and defused, simply because she has not been encouraged to learn methods of thought and develop a disciplined mind. As long as education remains largely induction ignorance will retain these advantages over learning and it is time that women impudently put them to work.
    Germaine Greer (b. 1939)

    ... probably all of the women in this book are working to make part of the same quilt to keep us from freezing to death in a world that grows harsher and bleaker—where male is the norm and the ideal human being is hard, violent and cold: a macho rock. Every woman who makes of her living something strong and good is sharing bread with us.
    Marge Piercy (b. 1936)