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List Of Kung Fu Panda Characters - Allies - Wo Hop
... Wo Hop Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special character Voiced by Jack McBrayer Information Species Rabbit Wo Hop is a renowned chef who was among the first to ... was unfamiliar with the intricate customs of the selection process and inadvertently disgraced Hop while waving to Monkey ... Desperate to redeem himself with his death, Wo Hop later attempted to assault Po in the kitchen in hopes that the Dragon Warrior would kill him in self-defense ...
Raymond Chow Kwok Cheung
... member of the American branch of the Hong Kong-based triad Wo Hop To ... Before his association with Wo Hop To, he was the leader of the Hop Sing Boys, a San Francisco Chinatown street gang that has been described as "enforcers for the Hop Sing Tong", where he was ... and testified against his former boss in Wo Hop To and was released after serving 11 years on his sentence ...

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    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)