Without Feathers (album)

Without Feathers (album)

Without Feathers is the second album by Montreal band The Stills. The record was released May 9, 2006. According to Billboard magazine, Emily Haines from fellow indie band Metric appears on "Baby Blues," while Jason Collett of Broken Social Scene and Sam Roberts are featured on the track "Oh Shoplifter." The album debuted at #6 on the Top Heatseekers chart, but failed to hit the Billboard 200. In Canada, the album did not fare well on the charts. It premiered at #51 before moving out of the top 100 the following week. The album was later released in the UK in 2007 under the label Drowned in Sound, featuring two new tracks.

The album is a big change in sound for the band, relying less on new-wave/post-punk and more on rootsy 1970s-esque MOR rock.

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