Winter Weather Conditions

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Space Weather
... Weather is not limited to planetary bodies ... has features analogous to conventional weather systems (such as pressure and wind) and is generally known as space weather ...
Severe Weather Terminology (United States) - Definitions of Severe Weather Alerts - Winter Storms
... Winter Storm Warning - Hazardous winter weather conditions that pose a threat to life and/or property are occurring, imminent, or highly likely ... The generic term, winter storm warning, is used for a combination of two or more of the following winter weather events heavy snow, freezing rain, sleet, and strong winds ... Warning and Sleet Warning have been deprecated in favor of issuing the Winter Storm Warning for Heavy Snow and Winter Storm Warning for Heavy Sleet, respectively ...
WTVT - News Operation - Weather Coverage
... WTVT's weather team is the most experienced weather team in the State of Florida, with over 115 years of combined experience, with most of that experience spent at Channel 13 forecasting tropical ... WTVT was the first TV news station in Florida to use radar in its weather presentation, and has made many advancements with the technology ... is now "SkyTower HD VIPIR." WTVT was also one of the first to use computer graphics in weather forecasts in the late-1970s, originally called "Weathervision" (no relation to the weather reporting company of ...

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    Mankind always sets itself only such tasks as it can solve; since, looking at the matter more closely, we will always find that the task itself arises only when the material conditions necessary for its solution already exist or are at least in the process of formation.
    Karl Marx (1818–1883)

    I know that winter death has never tried
    The earth but it has failed:
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    Whenever the weather licks the pilot instead of him lickin’ the weather, he’s finished. The first time makes the second time easier. And the first thing he knows, he’s in trouble when the weather is perfect.
    Frank W. Wead (1895?–1947)