Winter Weather Advisory - Types


Because of the changes with the 2008-09 winter storm season, several varieties have been noted throughout the US.

  • Winter Weather Advisory for Snow (Replaced the Heavy Snow Warning)
  • Winter Weather Advisory for Snow and Blowing Snow (Replaced Blowing Snow Advisory, when conditions are not close enough to blizzard to warrant a Winter Storm Warning for Heavy Snow and Blowing Snow)
  • Winter Weather Advisory for Sleet (Replaced the Sleet Advisory)
  • Winter Weather Advisory for Sleet and Freezing Rain (or for Freezing Rain and Sleet) (When both the criteria for a WWA for sleet and an Freezing Rain Adviosry are met)
  • Winter Weather Advisory for Freezing Rain (When the criteria for a Freezing Rain Advisory are met, and some other mentionable winter weather hazards prevent the issuance of a pure freezing rain product)
  • Winter Storm Watch is given when a winter storm is likely to occur.
  • Winter Storm Warning is given when a winter storm is moving into the area and that the public should take protective action.
  • Also, the generic term, Winter Weather Advisory, may be used on its own to indicate that all three winter precipitation types are expected in moderate amounts.

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