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Stаcking Window Manager - Limitations
... Stacking is a very slow process, requiring the redrawing of every window one-by-one, from the rear-most and outer-most to the front most and inner-most ... Many stacking window managers don't always redraw background windows ... Others can detect when a redraw of all windows is required, as some applications request stacking when their output has changed ...
Stаcking Window Manager - Limitations - Hybrid Window Managers
... Some window managers may be able to treat the foreground window in an entirely different way, by rendering it indirectly, and sending its output to the video card at to be added to the ... may be possible to accomplish within some stacking window managers, it is technically compositing, with the foreground window and the screen raster being ... earlier, we might have access to a slightly earlier stage of stacking where the foreground window has not been drawn yet ...
Compositing Window Manager
... A compositing window manager is a type of window manager (software that draws a graphical user interface on a computer display) ... Unlike earlier window managers, which made each individual application responsible for rendering its own window directly inside the display memory, a compositing window manager provides applications an off-s ... It composites windows into an image representing the screen and writes the result into the display memory ...
Stаcking Window Manager - In The X Window System
... Stacking window managers under the X window system have the same limitations as any other stacking window manager on any other platform except one they are ... information may be used in different ways, including the implementation of compositing window managers, or ignored as the case may be with tiling ... (See X window manager) ...

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