Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 - Election of 1900

Election of 1900

In 1900, a second "white supremacy" political campaign cemented the Democrats' domination in the state; they elected Charles B. Aycock as governor. Party agitators used photos suggesting "Negro domination" to raise fears and tensions. The crude strategy, plus the constitutional amendment, had sharply reduced African-American voting and the Democrats controlled the legislature and governor's office.

The night before the election, Waddell spoke:

"You are Anglo-Saxons. You are armed and prepared and you will do your duty…Go to the polls tomorrow, and if you find the negro out voting, tell him to leave the polls and if he refuses, kill him, shoot him down in his tracks.We shall win tomorrow if we have to do it with guns."

The Democratic Party won by a landslide.

1896-1904 - comparison of black voting, drop in numbers

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