William "Tiger" Dunlop - Life in Canada - Member of Parliament, Province of Canada - Voting Record

Voting Record

Dunlop’s record as a parliamentarian demonstrates that he did not vote along party lines. This is not an exhaustive list, but a list that is meant to provide some insight into the thought and ideology of a man of contradictions who genuinely spans the Tory to Reform spectrum in the early days of Canada.

  • Education – always voted to improve schooling for the general public.
  • Secular university to replace the Anglican King’s College; later known as the University of Toronto. Voted yes.
  • Choice of Speaker of the House 1844 – Voted for a bilingual member to take the position.
  • Should magistrates be lawyers? – Voted no.
  • The lawful use of corpses to facilitate the study of anatomy – Voted yes.
  • Customs union with the British West Indies – Voted yes.
  • Forbidding of processions by private societies; aimed at the Orange Lodge. – Voted yes.

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