William Strode (poet) - Sources Used

Sources Used

  • Strode, William,'Sermon concerning Death and the Resurrection', 1644
  • Strode, William,'Sermon concerning swearing',1644
  • Strode, William, 'The Floating Island', 1655
  • Strode, William, 'Sermon at a Visitation held at Lin, Norfolk, 24/6/1633', 1660
  • The Poetical Works of William Strode', edited by Bertram Dobell (1907)
  • M.C.Crum, "William Fulman and an Autograph Manuscript of the Poet Strode", 'The Bodleian Library Record,
Vol.4, No.6, December 1953
  • M.Forey, 'A Critical Edition of the Poetical Works of William Strode, excluding "The Floating Island",
Oxford University B.Litt. thesis 1966
  • M.Forey, "Manuscript Evidence and the Author of 'Aske me no more':William Strode, not Thomas
Carew", 'English Manuscript Studies 1100-1700', ed. Peter Beal and A.S.G.Edwards, 2005
  • Adam Smyth, '"Art Reflexive": The Poetry, Sermons, and Drama of William Strode (1601?-645)', 'Studies
in Philology', Vol.103, No.4, Fall 2006
  • M.Forey, "William Strode's 'The Floating Island': Play and Political Propaganda", 'The Seventeenth
Century', Vol.27, No.2, Summer 2012

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