William Hicks (Cherokee Chief)

William Hicks (Cherokee Chief)

William Abraham Hicks (1769 - 1837?, age 68) (Cherokee) was a leader and chosen interim Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation in October 1827. He succeeded his older brother Charles Hicks, who died in office in January that year, two weeks after coming to the position. The Cherokee Council named John Ross as second chief, and Elijah Hicks as President of the National Committee. William Hicks served until October 1828, when the Council elected John Ross as principal chief.

Hicke was of mixed race and became a wealthy farmer in the Oothcaloga Valley of present-day Georgia; he supported European-American education for his and other Cherokee children, as well as the opening of a mission and school in the valley. He was baptized as a Christian about 1819, as was his brother and other allies among the Cherokee.

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