William Alcott

William Alcott

William Andrus Alcott (August 6, 1798 – March 29, 1859) was an American educator, educational reformer, physician, and author of 108 books. His works, which include a wide range of topics including educational reform, physical education, school house design, family life, and diet, are still widely cited today.

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... Alcott, William A."Memoir of William C ... Woodbridge" American Journal of Education 5 (1858)51-64 ...

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    Mr. Alcott seems to have sat down for the winter. He has got Plato and other books to read. He is as large-featured and hospitable to traveling thoughts and thinkers as ever; but with the same Connecticut philosophy as ever, mingled with what is better. If he would only stand upright and toe the line!—though he were to put off several degrees of largeness, and put on a considerable degree of littleness. After all, I think we must call him particularly your man.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)