Wild Geese

Wild Geese may refer to:

  • Wild Geese (song), a war poem by Walter Flex, a later song is popular in airborne units
  • Wild Geese, a 1996 poem by Mary Oliver
  • Wild Geese (soldiers), Irish soldiers who served in European armies after being exiled from Ireland
    • The Wild Geese Memorial erected at Rockingham, Western Australia to commemorate the Catalpa rescue of Fenian prisoners
  • The Wild Geese, a 1978 British mercenary war film
  • Code Name: Wild Geese a 1980 Italian mercenary war film
  • The Wild Geese (novel), a 1911 Japanese novel written by Mori Ogai
  • Wild Geese (birds), birds with a wide range in the Old World
  • Wild Geese (novel), a 1925 Canadian novel (by Martha Ostenso)
  • Wild Geese (video ballad), a 2006 English video ballad
  • Wild Geese GAA

Other articles related to "wild geese":

Schrödinger (Hellsing) - Hellsing Organization - Pip Bernadotte - Overview
... hat with the left side flap folded up with the Wild Geese emblem, a Pegasus, on it ... The name of his group (The Wild Geese) is believed to be derived from a movie during the seventies that shared the name and was about a group of ... This is incorrect, and is a reference instead to The Wild Geese, the Irish who left Ireland following the Treaty of Limerick ...
Daniel Carney - Published Works
... The Wild Geese (1977) (originally titled The Thin White Line) ISBN 0-552-10869-3, made into a film with a screenplay by Reginald Rose (author of 12 Angry Men) ... The film was optioned by Euan Lloyd, producer of The Wild Geese and Wild Geese II, but was not filmed ... The Square Circle (1982) (republished as The Wild Geese II and The Return of the Wild Geese ISBN 0-553-25380-8), made into a movie by the name of Wild Geese II ...
Mercenaries In Popular Culture - Magazines and Comics
... The manga Hellsing features a band of mercenaries known as The Wild Geese, led by Pip Bernadotte ... It is also likely that the group takes its name from The Wild Geese, the Irish who left Ireland following the Treaty of Limerick, since it was the Wild Geese ...
Regiment Of Hibernia
... the Earls and the penal laws and who became known as the Wild Geese a name which has become synonymous in modern times for Irish soldiers throughout the world ... Although the Wild Geese are more associated with the French Army and are indeed seen as the precursors of the French Foreign Legion the regiment of Hibernia was ... And the wild Geese began actually fighting for Spain during Eighty Years' War ...

Famous quotes containing the words geese and/or wild:

    the clanging chains
    of geese are harnessed to the moon:
    Roy Campbell (1902–1957)

    Woe to you, my Princess, when I come ... you shall see who is the stronger, a gentle little girl who doesn’t eat enough or a big wild man who has cocaine in his body.
    Sigmund Freud (1856–1939)