White River War

The White River War, also known as the Ute War, or the Ute Campaign, was fought between the White River Utes and the United States Army in 1879, resulting in the forced removal of the White River Utes and the Uncompahgre Utes from Colorado, and the reduction in the Southern Utes' land holdings within Colorado. The war signalled the final defeat of the Utes and opened millions of new acreage to settlement.

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White River War - Aftermath
... After the Milk Creek and White River incidents, there was intense hostility toward the Utes, both within Colorado and the American army, and mounting pressure to drive them ... a desire to move the Utes off their land prior to the outbreak of the war so the fighting added fuel to the fire ... Former Indian agent Charles Adams, who had previously served at White River, managed to secure the hostages' release by the White River Utes ...

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