White Cloth Hall

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2nd White Cloth Hall
... The 2nd White Cloth hall was a marketplace for the sale of undyed cloth in Holbeck, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England ... was built south of the river, between Meadow Lane and Hunslet Lane in 1756 to replace the 1st White Cloth Hall of 1711 ... The 2nd cloth hall was much larger than its predecessor but it only served 20 years until the construction of the enormous 3rd White Cloth Hall ...
3rd White Cloth Hall - History
... After construction of the two prior white cloth halls in 1711 and 1756 there was a meeting in 1774 to plan the building of yet another cloth hall in ... The hall was built around a large central courtyard, and at the northern end it was two storeys high, with assembly rooms on the upper storey ... The Hall was built at a cost of £4,300, and opened in 1775 ...

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