Whim Creek

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Whim Creek Copper Mine - Geology
... The Whim Creek Copper Mine extracts two volcanogenic massive sulfide ore deposits, namely Mons Cupri (lit ... copper mountain) and Whim Creek, which are located within the Cistern Formation and Rushalls Slate sedimentary members, which are part of a series of rift-related felsic, intermediate and mafic volcanic ... The Whim Creek Group is approximately 2.9 to 2.8Ga old and lies unconformably upon an older basement of Portree Granite ...
Whim Creek Copper Mine - Geology - Ore Genesis
... The ore genesis model for the Whim Creek and Mons Cupri copper oxide deposits is that of a volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit ... Whim Creek is hosted within the Rushall Slate, which is a finer-grained equivalent to the Cistern Formation ... The Whim Creek deposit forms a ribbon-like sulphide shoot which plunges to the south or south-east ...

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