Where The Rainbow Ends

Where the Rainbow Ends is a children's play, originally written for Christmas 1911 by Clifford Mills and John Ramsey. The incidental music was composed by Roger Quilter.

The first performance took place at the Savoy Theatre, London, and the cast included a young Noël Coward, Esmé Wynne-Tyson and Jack Hawkins. It was produced by Italia Conti.

In 1921 the play was made into a film, directed by Horace Lisle Lucoque. It was one of Roger Livesey's first screen performances.

Where the Rainbow Ends is a fantasy, containing themes of British imperialism. It concerns a group of children separated from their parents. Travelling on a magic carpet, they face various dangers on their way to rescue their parents, and are guarded and helped by Saint George.

A 1976-77 production at the Gardner Theatre, Brighton, featured Simon Gipps-Kent.

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