Wheel Slide Protection

Wheel slide protection and wheel slip protection are railway terms used to describe automatic systems used to detect and prevent wheel-slide during braking or wheel-spin during acceleration. Analogous to ABS and traction control systems used on motor vehicles.

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Wheel Slide Protection - Europe
... Wheel Slide Protection (WSP) equipment is generally fitted to passenger trains to manage the behaviour of wheel sets in “low adhesion” (reduced wheel/rail friction) conditions ... to) the traction system to control wheel spin when applying power in low adhesion conditions ... When a train is braking, the low adhesion manifests as wheel slip where the wheelset is rotating at a lower velocity (speed) that the forward speed of the train ...
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Wheel Speed Sensor - Special Purpose Speed Sensors - Speed Sensors On The Wheelset - Bearingless Wheelset Speed Sensors
... They are principally used for wheel slide protection and usually supplied by the manufacturer of the wheel slide protection system ... feature of rotary speed sensors that are used for wheel slide protection is their integrated monitoring functions ... Occasionally it is necessary to take off the wheel slide protection signal at the traction motor, and the output frequency is then often too high for the wheel ...

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