Wheel of Fortune (video Game) - Redemption Games - Konami Version

Konami Version

In 2010, Konami announced plans to release a Wheel of Fortune redemption game based on the slot machine versions. In it, the player can choose between a regular mode or a Double Play mode, which costs twice as much as the regular mode yet gives out twice the ticket potential. A large wheel is spun using a smaller wheel which controls the power of the spin. Whatever the large wheel lands on is the amount the player plays for per letter occurrence. The rest of the gameplay works similar to the bonus round on the actual show, yet not the same. Random letters are revealed in the puzzle, and the player has to choose three different letters out of various highlighted letters, which can be either vowels and/or consonants (all the highlighted letters are in the puzzle). The player then has to solve the puzzle by typing in the missing letters in order to win a bonus ticket value. If the player fails to solve the puzzle correctly, they still win the tickets earned during the puzzle.

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