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Yang Xingmi

Yang Xingmi (楊行密) (852–December 24, 905), né Yang Xingmin (楊行愍, name changed 886), courtesy name Huayuan (化源), formally Prince Wuzhong of Wu (吳武忠王, "martial and faithful"), later posthumously honored King Xiaowu of Wu (吳孝武王, "filial and martial") then Emperor Wu of Wu (吳武帝) with the temple name of Taizu (太祖), was a military governor (Jiedushi) of Huainan Circuit (淮南, headquartered in modern Yangzhou, Jiangsu) late in the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty, whose takeover of Huainan and several nearby circuits allowed him and his family to rule over territory that would eventually become the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms state Wu — including most of modern Jiangsu and Anhui and parts of modern Jiangxi and Hubei. (Although Yang Xingmi would be the first ruler in his line to receive the title of Prince of Wu, it was a Tang-bestowed title and did not denote independence of the state.)

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Wu (Ten Kingdoms) - Founding
... The founder of Wu, Yang Xingmi, started his career as a volunteer soldier before seizing power in his home prefecture Luzhou in a military coup ... Xingmi defeated Shiduo and captured the provincial capital Yangzhou later that year, but by then Pian had been put to death by Shiduo ... Yang Xingmi was forced to abandon Yangzhou and retreat to Luzhou ...
Ma Yin - Background and Early Career - Service Under Sun Ru
... struggle between Qin Yan and Bi Shiduo on one side, and Yang Xingmi on the other ... When they arrived at Huainan's capital Yang Prefecture (揚州), Yang Xingmi had captured it and forced Qin Yan and Bi to flee ... Sun soon defeated Yang Xingmi and took over Yang Prefecture, claiming the title of military governor of Huainan ...
Emperor Taizu Of Later Liang - Xuanwu Governor - Continued Expansion
... In spring 897, Zhu sent Zhang Cunjing (張存敬) and Yang Shihou to put Huguo under siege, but Li Keyong sent his nephew Li Sizhao to defeat Wang Gong's ... In fall 897, Zhu Quanzhong decided to launch a major attack on Yang Xingmi, intending to capture Huainan, after Yang attacked Zhu's ally Du Hong the military governor of Wuchang Circuit ... in modern Huai'an, Jiangsu), posturing to head to Huainan's capital Yang Prefecture (揚州) Ge Congzhou with the forces from Tianping and Taining Circuits to Anfeng (安豐, in modern Lu'an, Anhui ...