What is write out?

  • (verb): Make out and issue.
    Example: "Write out a check"
    Synonyms: issue, make out, cut
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Write Out

A write out is a punishment used in schools in which a misbehaving student must write something out. It is different to writing lines as, instead of writing something out a number of times, the student might write out a page, chapter or paragraph of their schoolbook, workbook or novel. In the case of non-written homework (spellings), the student might have to write the spellings a number of times.

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More definitions of "write out":

  • (verb): Put into writing; write in complete form.
    Example: "Write out a contract"
    Synonyms: write up

Famous quotes containing the word write:

    We are much beholden to Machiavel and others, that write what men do, and not what they ought to do.
    Francis Bacon (1561–1626)

    I will never again go to people under false pretenses even if it is to give them the Holy Bible. I will never again sell anything, even if I have to starve. I am going home now and I will sit down and really write about people.
    Henry Miller (1891–1980)