What is working fluid?

Working Fluid

A working fluid is a pressurized gas or liquid that actuates a machine. Examples include steam in a steam engine, air in a hot air engine and hydraulic fluid in a hydraulic motor or hydraulic cylinder. More generally, in a thermodynamic system, the working fluid is a liquid or gas that absorbs or transmits energy.

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Photovoltaic Thermal Hybrid Solar Collector - System Types - PV/T Liquid Collector
... In a standard chiller based system, a working fluid, typically water, glycol or mineral oil is then piped through these pipes or plate chillers ... The heat from the PV cells are conducted through the metal and absorbed by the working fluid (presuming that the working fluid is cooler than the operating temperature of the cells) ... systems, this heat is used, or exhausted before the fluid returns to the PV cells ...
Stirling Engine
... and expansion of air or other gas, the working fluid, at different temperature levels such that there is a net conversion of heat energy to mechanical work ... a closed-cycle regenerative heat engine with a permanently gaseous working fluid, where closed-cycle is defined as a thermodynamic system in which the ...
Steampowered - Efficiency
... The efficiency of a Rankine cycle is usually limited by the working fluid ... Without the pressure reaching super critical levels for the working fluid, the temperature range the cycle can operate over is quite small in steam turbines, turbine entry temperatures are typically ... stage relatively little work is required to drive the pump, the working fluid being in its liquid phase at this point ...
Steampowered - Steam Cycle
... In this cycle a pump is used to pressurize the working fluid which is received from the condenser as a liquid not as a gas ... Pumping the working fluid in liquid form during the cycle requires a small fraction of the energy to transport it compared to the energy needed to compress the working fluid in gaseous form in ... The working fluid in a Rankine cycle follows a closed loop and is reused constantly ...
Working Fluid - Applications and Examples
... The following table gives typical applications of working fluids and examples for each Application Typical working fluid Gas turbine cycles Air Rankine cycles Water/steam, pentane, toluene Vapor-compression ...

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