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History Of The British Labour Party - The Wilson Years - Social and Educational Reforms
... The 1960s Labour government is probably most remembered for the liberal social reforms introduced or supported by Home Secretary Roy Jenkins ... In Wilson's defence, his supporters also emphasise the easing of means testing for non-contributory welfare benefits, the linking of pensions to earnings, and the ... Wilson's government also made significant reforms to education, most notably the expansion of comprehensive education and the creation of the Open University ...
Wislon - First Term As Prime Minister - Domestic Affairs - Social Services and Welfare
... Atkinson, social security received much more attention from the first Wilson government than it did during the previous thirteen years of Conservative government ... Following its victory in the 1964 general election, Wilson's government began to increase social benefits ... Altogether, the increases made in pensions and other benefits during Wilson's first year in office were the largest ever real term increases carried out up until that point ...
Wislon - First Term As Prime Minister - Domestic Affairs - Record of First Term On Income Distribution
... Despite the economic difficulties faced by the first Wilson government, it succeeded in maintaining low levels of unemployment and inflation during its time in office ... According to one historian, "In its commitment to social services and public welfare, the Wilson government put together a record unmatched by any subsequent administration, and the mid-sixties are justifiably seen as ... incomes and the rest of the population "had been significantly reduced" under Wilson's first government ...
Wislon - First Term As Prime Minister - Domestic Affairs - Urban Renewal
... the same basis, taking geographical areas of need, a package was developed by the government which resembled a miniature poverty programme ... In July 1967, the government decided to pour money into what the Plowden Committee defined as Educational Priority Areas, poverty-stricken areas where children were ... Section 11 of the 1966 Local Government Act enabled local authorities to claim grants to recruit additional staff to meet special needs of Commonwealth immigrants ...
Wislon - Second Term As Prime Minister - Domestic Affairs
... The Second Wilson Government made a major commitment to the expansion of the British welfare state, with increased spending on education, health, and housing rents ... legislation." In order to maintain the real value of these benefits in the long term, the government introduced legislation which linked future increases in pensions to higher incomes or wages ... This scheme was later eroded by the subsequent Thatcher Government, and insufficient pension rights had been built up by that time to establish ...

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    The government of the United States is a device for maintaining in perpetuity the rights of the people, with the ultimate extinction of all privileged classes.
    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)

    My hope is ... that we may recover ... something of a renewal of that vision of the law with which men may be supposed to have started out with in the old days of the oracles, who communed with the intimations of divinity.
    —Woodrow Wilson (1856–1924)