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Languages Of Wales - Welsh Romani
... Welsh Romani (or Welsh Romany sometimes also known as Kååle) is a variety of the Romani language which was spoken fluently in Wales until at least 1950 ... It was spoken by the Kale group of the Romani people who arrived in Britain during the 15th century ... Welsh-Romani is one of the many Northern Romani dialects ...
Angloromani Language - Historical Documentation of English Romani
... Until relatively recently, Anglo-Romani received very little study from the academic community ... seventeenth century, indicates, British Romani was itself a dialect of the northern branch of Romani sharing a close similarity to Welsh Romani ... and influences from Greek and other Balkan languages of seventeenth century to a Para-Romani dialect typical of modern Anglo-Romani with sentence endings influenced by ...
Kale (Welsh Romanies) - Language
... The Kale spoke Welsh Romani ... Originally the variants of Welsh Romani and the Angloromani of the Romanichal constituted a common "British Romani" language ... Both Welsh and English Romani share characteristics and are historically closely related to Romani dialects spoken in France, Germany (Sinti), Scandinavia, Spain, Poland, North Russia and the Baltic states ...

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