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Supercritical Water Reactor - See Also
... Generation IV reactor ... Breeder reactor Reduced moderation water reactor, a concept that is in some ways similar and in others overlapping to the SCWR concept, and is under development apart from the Generation IV program ... Generation III reactor Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) ...
Reduced Moderation Water Reactor
... The Reduced-Moderation Water Reactor (RMWR), also referred to as the Resource-renewable BWR, is a proposed type of light water moderated nuclear power reactor, featuring some characteristics of a fast neutron reactor ... The RMWR concept builds upon the Advanced Boiling Water Reactor and is under active development in theoretical studies, particularly in Japan ... In contrast to regular light water reactors and in order to achieve a harder neutron spectrum, which is optimal for breeding purposes, the RMWR uses hexagonal fuel assemblies and Y-shaped ...
Reactor Vessel
... A reactor pressure vessel in a nuclear power plant is the pressure vessel containing the nuclear reactor coolant and reactor core ... Not all power reactors have a reactor vessel ... Power reactors are generally classified by the type of coolant rather than by the configuration of the reactor vessel used to contain the coolant ...
Outline Of Nuclear Technology - General Nuclear Technology Concepts - Nuclear Power
... Nuclear reactor technology Radioactive waste Fusion power Future energy development Inertial fusion power plant Pressurized water reactor Boiling water ...
... The basic design of the pressurized water reactor includes a requirement that the coolant (water) in the reactor coolant system must not boil ... state at all times, especially in the reactor vessel ... To achieve this, the coolant in the reactor coolant system is maintained at a pressure sufficiently high that boiling does not occur at the coolant temperatures ...

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