What is warlike?

  • (adj): Suggesting war or military life.
    Synonyms: martial
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Kabul Shahi - Kshatriya Origins and Turkic Influences
... and Gandhara had a descent from the neighbouring warlike Ksatriya clans of the Kambojas known as Ashvakas (q.v.), who in the 4th century BCE, had offered stubborn and decisive resistance to Macedonian invader ... They were the same bold and warlike people on whom king Asoka Maurya had thought it wise and expedient to bestow autonomous status and to whom he gave eminent place in his Rock Edicts V and XIII ... They were fiercely independent warlike people who had never easily yielded to any foreign overlord ...
Come All You Warriors - Lyrics
... you warriors and renowned nobles Give ear unto my warlike theme While I relate how brave Father Murphy He lately roused from his sleepy dream Sure Julius Caesar nor Alexander Nor brave King Arthur ever ... engagement While on the soldiers we played warlike pranks Through the sheepwalks, hedgerows and shady thickets There were mangled bodies and broken ...
No. 1 Combat Communications Squadron RAAF - Active Service
... Major operational deployments include Afghanistan (Warlike) Timor Leste 2006 (Non-Warlike) Solomon Islands 2003 (Non-Warlike) Iraq 2003 (Warlike) Kyrgyzstan 2002 ...
Juno (mythology) - Associations With Other Deities - Juno and Hercules
... The Latin Junos certainly possessed a marked warlike character (at Lanuvium, Falerii, Tibur, Rome) ... would have favoured a certain assimilation between Latin warlike Junos and Argive Heras and the association with Heracles of Latin Junos ... though did not deny the existence of local warlike Junos, but only imply that at a certain time they received the influence of the Heras of Lacinion and Sele, fact that ...
Scrameustache - Story Summaries
... Galaxian ship is hijacked by the Kromoks, a warlike race of aliens who intend to conquer planet Aktarka ... leads a jailbreak involving the leader of the warlike Kromoks ... Gos Gos, Walt, Pierre Seron The leader of the warlike Kromoks escapes from a Galaxian prison, taking Khena as a hostage! When the Scrameustache and the Galaxians strike back they get help from some unexpected ...

More definitions of "warlike":

  • (adj): Inclined to make war.
    Synonyms: unpacific

Famous quotes containing the word warlike:

    When they are not at war they do a little hunting, but spend most of their time in idleness, sleeping and eating. The strongest and most warlike do nothing. They vegetate, while the care of hearth and home and fields is left to the women, the old and the weak. Strange inconsistency of temperament, which makes the same men lovers of sloth and haters of tranquility.
    Tacitus (c. 55–c. 120)

    Under peaceful conditions, the warlike man attacks himself.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)