What is waiver?

  • (noun): A formal written statement of relinquishment.
    Synonyms: release, discharge


A waiver is the voluntary relinquishment or surrender of some known right or privilege.

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Some articles on waiver:

Miranda Warning - Waiver
... An express waiver is not necessary ... However, most law enforcement agencies use written waiver forms ... Typical waiver questions are "Do you understand each of these rights?" and "Understanding each of these rights, do you now wish to speak to the police ...
Legal Professional Privilege In England And Wales - Waiver of Privilege
... by counsel at trial, even without the client's express authority, amounts to a waiver of any privilege attaching to the document as a whole however ... Following the rule of indivisibility of waiver, the disclosure of part of a letter pursuant to a general order for discovery constitutes a waiver of privilege in respect of the whole contents of the letter ...
Waiver - Examples - Personal Jurisdiction
... the court's order, the court may deem that refusal to be a waiver of the right to contest that point and assume that the proof would show whatever the opposing party claims that it ...
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments - CLIA Waived Tests
... complexity requirements are issued a CLIA certificate of waiver ... In November 2007, The CLIA waiver provisions were revised by Congress to make it clear that tests approved by the FDA for home use automatically qualify for ...