What is vetus latina?

Vetus Latina

Vetus Latina is a collective name given to the Biblical texts in Latin that were translated before St Jerome's Vulgate Bible (382-405 AD) became the standard Bible for Latin-speaking Western Christians. The phrase Vetus Latina is Latin for Old Latin, and the Vetus Latina is sometimes known as the Old Latin Bible. It was, however, written in Late Latin, not the early version of the Latin language known as Old Latin. It is sometimes also known as the Itala (as in the Quedlinburg Itala fragment).

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List Of New Testament Latin Manuscripts
... Old Latin manuscripts (also called Vetus Latina or Itala) are so called not because they are written in Old Latin (i.e ... Unlike the Vulgate, the Vetus Latina tradition reflects numerous distinct, similar, and not entirely independent translations of various New Testament texts ... In 382 AD Jerome began a revision of the existing Vetus Latina into contemporary Latin, corrected against manuscripts in the original Greek and Hebrew ...
Vetus Latina - Replacement
... Latin text translated from the original tongues, the Vetus Latina gradually fell out of use ... However, the Vulgate generally displaced the Vetus Latina and was acknowledged as the official Bible of the Roman Catholic Church at the Council of Trent ... Below are some comparisons of the Vetus Latina with text from critical editions of the Vulgate ...